My name is Sean McKendry, and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator born and raised somewhere in the middle of Queens, New York. As a kid, I always enjoyed making things; especially art. My room was always teeming stray pieces of paper and notepads featuring whatever random doodles came to mind. I've always been a huge fan of comics, cartoons, video games, and monster movies, which clearly still has an impact on a lot of my work that I do today. However, I never actually got the chance to pursue this passion of mine until my junior year at Queens College, which is where I studied Graphic Design after switching from a failed stint as a math major. Since then, I've worked on dozens of different projects including magazines, posters, logos, projections, presentations, illustrations, animations, and I even have a few comic projects in the works. Beyond all of this however, my hobbies include watching bad sci-fi movies, posting absurd personal quotes on social media, and counting the amount of times people misspell or mispronounce my name.